Magdelena Borejko Designer Jewellery

I have been introduced this very unique and detailed oriented jewellery designer Magdelena Borejko .

Every pieces of her jewellery are so gorgeous and uniquely designed with carefully selected stones. Her senses of mix and match of these different type of colours and forms of stones are so great and that makes every pieces of her jewellery so perfect.

What I admired her the most is her wire wrapping technique that is so detail. It is just so unbelievable!. When I first look at it.. I was "Wow?!" No other words coming out from my mouth to describe how stunned I was. There is no words able to describe how great these jewellery are.

I would like to share some jewellery photos that I have stole from her website which I wish some day in the future, I can own it. "wink"

Super duper detailed oriented Karishma necklace. YEAH! I know you would be staring at this photo for damn long right? Studying every details of her wire wrapping that she had put on this little piece of necklace. Don't worry! It happened to me as well. Muahaha!

Another great pieces of her works is this Karishma earring. Nice right? 

This Paris Blue Earring is my another favourite too.

Perisien Earring, I just love the combination of black and gold wire plus the touch up by the blue stones.

Moulin Rougue Earrings. Red and gold always a perfect match.

Emerald Earring, pure and gorgeous!

Emerald Earring Dream, I guess I love her blue stones jewellery very much huh?! OMG! "blush"

Lastly, Blue Marine Bracelet..classy!

Just can't help myself odoring them !!