Plan B @ KL Selangor

What if Plan A doesn't work out?! Try Plan B

Plan B is the first BIG Group restaurant. Now, they have 5 outlets in KL & 1 outlet in Ipoh which are: Bangsar Village, Mid Valley, Publika, Paradigm, 1 Utama & Ipoh. 
When are they going to open outlet in Penang?!

Their signature B formed using yellow light bulb. Looks like the old days.

Cozy cafe decoration. This was taken at Mid Valley branch.

Special Menu design.

This was the bottle they used to fill with sky juice. They use it to put orchid in front the restaurant.

Their Cappuccino quite nice. So sweet they put a heart shape as coffee art.

Asian Style Softshell crab spaghetti. The softshell crab was so nice! The creamy butter sauce taste special with the added curry leaves.

Carbonara. Their turkey ham was so nice and the mushroom very big. Simple and nice!

Hehe enough with pastas, gonna try with their Salmon Sandwiches. Their home chips tasted really good.

Spicy Fish Tacos Burger served coleslaw. Not bad.

Saw lots of people ordered Red Velvet so I make a try. It tasted really good!!

You may view their Plan B from here & BIG Group info from here.