San Francisco's Coffee @ KL Selangor

I believe everyone familiar with Starbucks & Coffee Beans.
Coffee lover here, would like to share you one of the good brew coffee in town-> San Francisco's Coffee.

My first attempt, try the basic choice of coffee-> Cuppucino. The best part of this coffee was that I can add the sugar level myself.

Chillout with Extreme Buzz! This coffee's sugar level was just nice. I do not need to add any. Their coffee was so concentrated that I can even has the same strong coffee taste at the end of the cup.

Nice and simple red & white theme.

Their signature clocks with Kuala Lumpur & San Francisco local time.

You may refer their website here & Facebook page here.
Currently, they have 30 outlets in Malaysia. Again, only in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.