China House Lunch @ Lebuh Pantai, Penang

Here I am again at China House Penang but for lunch this time. You may refer my previous visit here.

Flipping through his menu and wondering what to order. No picture but just black and white menu. So, we ordered their Bento of day's special in the end!

This little Bento (RM 28.00) a little bit small portion for one person. I started with the creamy soup and it's pretty salty. The lemonade chicken pretty sour at first bite. The rice taste like nasi briyani and taste salty too. However, as I continued on eating, all the saltiness and sourness suddenly gone. Turn out to be quite delicious. Quite amazing. I like the fried dumpling anyway. Taste good with the sauce. The only disappointment would be the meat filling green pao.

Aww! I just realize they have games corner. Some of the great paintings that customer drawn on the paper which placed on the table are hanged there.

Reading corners. Quite a cozy place.

Me, pretending to read book. Ahaha

Wine corner.

Let me tag along my dating night post at china house here. ^,<

Craving for cakes, so here I am having toothsome Chocolate Prune Cake (RM 10.00). This was really good as I love the stickiness of the chocolate and the adding fruit's sweetness with prune! However, due to such a thin slice cant satisfy my craving so I made another order. (#^^#)

Alluring Tiramisu (RM 15.00). The nut toppings taste just nice. I was expecting it to be more crunchy or maybe the honey was too much. However, I kinda like the creamy part.



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