Inch @ Jalan Muntri, Penang

Inch stand for IndoChina and they are very focus on Southeast Asian cuisine. They have recently opened their Plates cafe which located at the front part of building, offering you the menu that suitable as brunch. We haven't try that yet so no comment on that. We went during the evening to try their tapas menu at Inch Bar. Extensive liquor can be found in the menu, great for some chill out moments with friends during the evening till midnight. If you are looking for serious dinner, the menu might not be that suitable. 

At the night we visit, a number of dishes in the menu were not available due to the party they held the night before. Lotsa ingredients have been used up. Thus, below are those we have tried. Although we were not very impressed with the taste of the food, however their attentive service worth mentioned.

Yum Pla Muk Yang (RM 20), a dish with grilled squid salad and cherry tomatoes. Lotsa white onion slices were added, along with coriander and mint leaves as garnishment. It was quite spicy for spicy lover like us.

Larb Kai (RM 14) is a kind of Thailand's salad, having minced chicken mixed with shallots, blended with Thai herbs and smoked rice powder. A tick of refreshing with the addition of mint leaves, corriander and lime fish sauce.

You may add on Khao Niew (RM 4) to fill your hungry stomach. The steamed Thai glutinous rice came in very cute tranditional hand woven basket. Glutinous was wrapped in plastic bag. We believe the rice was steamed with plastic bag which we don't think is good for health. Though, there is no hard-no on restriction for doing so. 

The Khao Niew was quite tasteless.

We opted for Pomelo Gintonication but then the waitress came back informing us Pomelo has finished. She then recommended us Lemongrass Kaffir Gintonication (RM 25), their hot selling drink. It is a very chilling and refreshing drink but just didn't gave us the wow kick.

Inch Bar
44 Lebuh Muntri, 10 200 Penang, Malaysia
+604-2611 693
Operation hours: 
5 pm - 12 am (Sunday till Thursday)
5 pm - 2 pm (Saturday)
Closed on Tuesday

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  1. Agree with that, after try Inch I personally feel the Thai/local food not really impress.

    1. Ya, can't agree more. More like a chillax place~


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