Patio bar de tapas @ Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang

Spanish food or restaurant is scarce in Penang, After our recent wonderful experience at El Faro Tapas Bar, we googled and found out there is another Spanish food outlet in Penang - Patio. Intriguingly by the positive comments on the facebook, we opt for a dinner here just right before GST kicks in, at least we could save some pennies.

Patio is derived from the Spanish language and it means roofless inner courtyard in Spanish. The word best reflects the design of the restaurant and its ambience, as we really had our dinner at the roofless courtyard, though shed is provided just in case of raining

Esperanza's favorite, which was my favorite at Patio as well

We wanted to order Patio's famous Char-Grilled Pork Ribs (RM35 / 65) but was told the pork ribs were finished and the server recommended us to try Esperanza's Favorite (RM 28). It main constituent is Chorizo, which encompasses several types of pork sausages baked with tomato, manchego and egg in pan. Slices of Chorizo is well distributed in the pan, and the manchego is arousing by dispersing its cheesy aroma. The smack of tomato is just nice to provide a balance to the cheesy taste. 

We stir and mix the ingredients in the pan and the half cooked egg plied additional rich flavor to the whole dish. Topping the mixture of dishes on the bread stick is a good way shall you prefer a less cheesy or oily taste. Overall, this pan of dish scored great marks though it was excessively oily.

Patio also offered the Spanish's national dish - Paella and only limited to 3 servings daily. There are 3 types of Paella - Valencian Paella, Seafood Paella and Mixed Paella but the one offered at Patio is Seafood Paella (RM60).

 The seafood paella comes in huge portion, more than to support the a dinner for two. We had high expectation toward this dish but then some dishes are a victim of their own success. Calasparra rice, a short grain paella rice was used and simmered for 30 minutes with the seafood but it appeared the simmering process has killed off the natural taste of Calasparra rice, rendering the texture of the rice dried and does not taste well. Nevertheless, the usage of Calasparra rice deserves a credit as it made a difference to the paella.

On top of that, curry alike powder was overwhelmed and vividly tasted. I presumed the taste of a good plate of paella should derived from the sofrito being used but it tasted more like curry powder to me. Fortunately there was a slice of lime to neutralise the taste.

Nevertheless, the seafood used was fresh and the shellfish has no foul odour. A credit given to them.

The ambience of the bar was nice
 We got to know that the tapas and drinks served here are great but after finishing the paella, we could not stuff additional food into our stomach though we wished to. Perhaps we will try them out on our next visit.

Credit goes to the attentive and friendly service provided by the restaurant and the always smiling servers face made a big difference to the guests. 

There is a parking available beside the restaurant as well.

Patio bar de tapas @ Weld Quay, Georgetown
49F, Pengkalan Weld, 13000, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 5pm - 1:30am (Sunday - Thursday) 
                        5pm - 2:30am (Friday - Saturday)

Tel: +6016- 311 0442

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