Tin83 Cafe @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

*Tin83 has ceased operation

With the recent mushrooming of cafe in Penang, an especial theme or food would be one of the decisive factor in the cafe's success. Opened just in mid July 20015 directly opposite of Public Bank at Cantonment Road, Tin83 Cafe has raised one's eyebrows by serving wantan noodles in their cafe. Though they have come out with additional selection of food such as spaghetti or cakes, but a bowl of wantan noodles in the cafe is something must be tried by me.

Traditional wantan noodles (dried)
They have a simple menu which I believe yet to be finalized with a few selections - different types of wantan noodles and snacks with the price slightly on a higher side compared to hawkers. Nevertheless, I feel their food is reasonably priced as they have a cafe settings with air conditioners, and good thing is they provide complementary sky juice.

Complimentary sky juice

Without hesitation, we opt for a set of Belacan Chicken (RM9.90). The belacan chicken is well fried and not greasy, appropriate as a snack to kick start the food feasting session. 

We tried their signature dish - traditional wantan mee soup (RM 7.90). Served with four pieces of wanton crammed with fresh fillings, char siew and a generous amount of vegetable, it is on par to be considered as a decent wantan mee. The soup exhibits a little sweet taste, and the noodles are well cooked to the right texture - not too soft nor too dried.

Traditional wantan mee dried (RM7.90) comes with their mushroom condiment and fried wantan separately. You may add the mushroom condiment to your noodles to adjust the texture thickness but we feel the mushroom condiment is not zesty enough to provide the right taste the the dried wantan mee. One way to enhance the taste would be adding some soy sauce. We were then told by their chef that their mushroom condiment used to be excessively pungent as feedback, hence they have reduce the intensity to suite the majority' taste buds.

There is a small corner in the cafe where you can take different condiments to spice up your noodles - chillies, lard or pickles. Soup is available on free flow basis as well, and we found the soup served here has better taste compared to the one served in traditional wantan mee soup.

Parking space is limited in front of the cafe and surrounding also. You may park at the gazetted public parking along Jalan Burma and walk to here. 

Tin83 Cafe @ Pulau Tikus
39-C-G, Cantonment Road, 10250, Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
(604) 226 1514
Operation hours: 9am - 10pm (Daily, subjected to revision later)

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