Ramadhan Buffet @ Taste Cafe, G Hotel, Penang

As Muslims across the world are observing the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Taste Cafe at G Hotel Penang has rolled out a Ramadhan menu for Muslims to relish during buka puasa, and non-Muslims can leverage on this opportunity to feast on the gratifying Malay dishes.

To further enhance the gastronomic experience during buka puasa, the head chef at Taste Cafe - Chef Dodi whom hailed from Indonesia, has induced Arabic scent into the Malay predominantly dishes at Taste Cafe and leaves a lingering and memorable taste to the diners.

Thanks to G Hotel for extending the invitation. 

After a long day of fasting, diners may begin nibbling on some light dishes as not to overburden the digestive system. An array of traditional Malay appetizers such as Kerabu Perut Lembu, Kerabu Udang, Telur Masin and Sambal Kacang Ikan Bilis. If you are a fan of bitter gourd (petai), then this is the heaven for you as a bowl of bitter gourd is provided at your disposal. Mix the appetizers with Malaysian specialty condiments such as Sambal Belacan, Cincalok Air Limau, Tempoyak or Budu to give a different taste to the appetizers.

We feel great over here as these dishes are not commonly seen during buffet and it reminisces me the time when we break fast with Muslims friends during university time.

Alternatively, go to salad bar station and pick from IceBerg Lettuce, Red Chicory, Lollo Rossa or Cherry Tomatoes for a more different experience in breaking the fast. Seafood lovers are not disregarded as well with the options to go for mussels, scallops or fresh prawns. Fret not, the seafood smells fresh and clean.

Kurma and some Malay kuih-muih are available too. 

When you are dining here, do not miss out the Malay Panggang Feast Grill which is located outside of the dining place. The spotlight over here will be the usage of Penang's first ever Lava Stone BBQ grill imported exclusively from Indonesia, which promises and enhances the taste of the food by holding the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food.

Nonetheless, the feast grill is only available on Friday and Saturday.

Okay, enough of the talking. We testified it by eating the food and it was really heavenly. Till now we could not forget the taste of the succulent and juicy duck breast in our mouth. Slurps!

Some main dishes offered in the buffet - 3 flavored prawns, grill lamb chops, grilled fish, Nasi Kurma, Penang style mee goreng and etc. Do not miss out their Bubur Lambok Telur Masin, a dish which you could rarely find in hotel settings or the Soto Ayam Mardura Soup, a mixture of shredded chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass cooked with spices and fresh herbs. 

Attention to all meat lovers. The carving stations will serve you well here with the tender and aromatic roasted lamb legs. Spice up the tender yet crispy lamb legs with the sauce provided.

The action station features the creatively fusion pizza, offering these Western Pizza with Asian food trail. 

At the action counter, order a bowl of assam laksa to satiate the crave for this iconic Penang noodles, or customize your very own noodles with the ingredients provided as the chef will work it out for you. 

Cheese lovers would definitely love here as the whole block of cheese is served on the buffet tray. Pick from Parmesan Cheese, Brie Cheese, Edam Cheese or Gruyere Cheese, and eating them with nuts and salted biscuits for a great eating sensation which beyond explanation. The elusive taste derived from each combination of cheese and accompanying ingredients is totally pleasurable.

Finish the day with a line of desserts marks the best ending for the day.  The most unforgettable dessert of the day goes to the Durian Mousse! Durian fanatics will craze for it as the blast of aromatic durian taste in the oral environment drives one to the heaven. Even for someone whom disdain durian to the extent walking away whenever durian is served, I still take almost a serving of the mousse! 

The durian mousse is made available throughout the year thanks to the innovative technology by making the durian into paste form. Nevertheless the chef has ensured the quality of the paste by insisting either Musang King or D24 is a must have in the paste mixture! 

Some other desserts - the Pengat is a must try! Brewed with sago and banana, it yields a fantastic taste!

Enjoy a cup of fresh teh tarik here as the server will make a cup for you upon request. Amazing skill by him! 

These are what we had for the night! A totally delighted dinner with wonderful and fulfilling stomach after this. 

Chef Dodi from Taste Cafe and Chef Ong from Spoon Cafe, G Hotel is giving a short introduction of the dishes served. 

Some doorgift to be taken home, we love their macaroons!

 Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet (6 June to 5 July 2016)
Taste Café & Spoon 
6.30pm – 10.30 pm
RN 115 nett (Sunday to Thursday); RM 150 nett (Friday & Saturday)

Hari Raya BBQ Buffet Dinner (6 & 7 July 2016)
Taste Café
6.30pm – 10.30pm
RM 150 nett

Call for reservation: +604-2380000(Taste Cafe)/+604-2190000(Spoon)

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