5 Utara @ Jitra, Kedah

The folks in Jitra or those studied in Universiti Utara Malaysia would be pampered with greater choice of authentic Thai food within the vicinity, considering the greater numbers of Thai ethnicity and close proximity to Thailand. One of the popular Thai eateries here is 5 Utara, serving more of a fusion between Chinese and Thailand meals, as most of the management is Chinese. Though not air-conditioned, the place is usually crowded at night. 
5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

We will never miss out seafood tomyam whenever dining in Thai eateries. Bearing the hefty name of Thai, the Seafood Tomyam (RM 18.00) was hot and spicy but still in an acceptable manner. Fresh prawns, squid and mushrooms were flooded within the tomyam soup, sufficiently supplying the needs of 2-3 hungry men. The presence of tomato slices further justified the credibility of the tomyam was being cooked at the kitchen from scratch and not something made up from tomyam paste. 

5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

The Kung Pow Kepah (RM 10.00) had an very unique sensation that it was unusually sticky. Mucus could be seen lining out from our mouth upon ripping off the flesh directly from the shelf. Anyhow, the stir fried process induced a complex yet pleasant combination taste of sweet, spicy and a tad of sourness to the kepah. 

5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

Stir Fry Kailan (RM 8.00) 

5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

5 Utara Jitra thai food kedah

The Thai Fried Rice (RM 6) was exceptionally delicious when coupled with the sambal provided. It yielded a very robust and dulcet sourish taste for enjoyment. If you think the Thai fried rice was rather plain, considering add-on another fried egg.

These are just a few dishes we have sampled here but it appears they are more well known for their Kheng Som Fish. I am not sure whether a menu is available or not but they never shown us a proper menu but just suggesting a few dishes verbally.

Restaurant Lima Utara
65, Taman Ehsan, 06000, Jitra, Kedah
Operation Hour : 11.00am - 11:00pm daily
Tel: 04-9172155

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